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Sicon win the bid of China International Capital Corporation Information Center
Time : 2017-01-02

Recently, Sicon won the bid of service room project, which belongs to China International Capital Corporation Shanghai Pudong Sales Department Information Center, and provided CMS UPS to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the service room of information center.

China International Capital Corporation is the first Sino-foreign joint venture investment bank, which is composed by the famous financial institutions and companies at domestic and overseas based on the strategic cooperative relations. The corporation always devotes to supplying high quality financial value-added services to customers and the security and stability of its information center is closely linked with people’s vital interests. Today, the information degree is getting higher; the information center store the most core data information and the importance of sustainable operation of information room increasing day by day. In order to achieve the manageability, availability, expandability of the information system, protect the business running smoothly and provide timely service, the uninterrupted power supply guarantee of the information center room has become an urgent priority. If the service room can’t get good guarantee about power supply, it may affect the operation of the whole system and cause core data loss and other heavy damage.

Aiming at this problem, Sicon supplies CMS-50/10 modular UPS system, which perfectly protects the uninterrupted operation for the load. The system mainly has two features including system redundant and modular hot-swap. Modularized design is convenient for the system capacity expansion. Fault isolation between the UPS modules, any module‘s fault will not affect the whole system‘s steady running. Each module can be online hot swap. It is easy to change the fault module, and do not need to turn to bypass when online maintain, just taking the fault module out of the system. It’s safe and reliable. This system supplies reliable power protection to the key equipment for China International Capital Corporation information center by excellent product quality.

For decades, with the concept of dedicated, professional and excellent development, Sicon has researched and manufactured many high-ranking products, bringing convenient and swift, safe and reliable experience to customers. As the leader of electrical industry, Sicon will continue to “Dispel melancholy for users, Benefit for the society”, and go on!

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