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Sicon won the bidding of Technical training Center of Hubei Electric Power Company
Time : 2016-10-25

Recently, Sicon stood out on the State Grid tender and won the bidding of Technical training Center of the State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company, depend on its flexible management, safe and reliable power supply solution, energy saving and environmental up-market products, advanced technology as well as its good service. Sicon provided uninterruptible power supply  to Hubei Electric Company to protect its important equipment running safe and reliable.

Sicon CMS series modular UPS is up-market, energy saving and environmental UPS products. It delivers the best combination of rectifier, filter, charger, inverter and intelligent power protection. Applying innovative current sharing rectifier control, master-slave synchronization in sequence control, multi-level decentralized control and 3-level sine wave modulation technology; it features great efficiency, flexibility and reliability. The series have been widely applied to many areas of the power companies, winning great praise and recognition.

All long, Sicon has always been committed to meeting user demands of various industries comprehensively and efficiently, and has all-roundly built a highly reliable and available full range of uninterruptible power supply. On the long-term technology innovation and experimental exploration, Sicon’s technical strength, product performance and professional service have obtained the users’ recognition; Sicon high-quality products and its flexible power supply plans have been widely used; Sicon has successfully created an up-market brand image and established a dominant position in the market. Sicon will continue to pilot UPS power industry, keep innovation, and provide full-service users!

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