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Sicon work together Huitian Networks to create a first-class data center
Time : 2019-08-20
Recently, Sicon with industry-leading technical superiority and improvement service wins big order to provide CMS series modualr UPS for Huitian Network Technology Co., Ltd. to build the domestic first-class high-end data center.
Located in the core area of "New Beijing" Tongzhou city sub-center, the company owns 500 acres of land and will provide more than 45000 cabinets after construction. It is the largest data center in Beijing. With a high security level of cloud computing center, energy saving, green, technology, scale, reliability and service in one, to provide safe, reliable and flexible and efficient data center services.
"Rapid deployment, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable, easy to maintain" has become the highest level of data center construction standards. Sicon adhering to this concept, and integrate into the power of R & D and production, the formation of the current CMS series of uninterruptible power supply. In this project, Sicon provides more than one hundred sets of CMS series modular UPS, single system power covers from 100 ~ 800 kva multiple power, meets the requirements of different load, to make data center safety operation.

Thirteen years of wind and rain baptism and market precipitation, Sicon core concept "Devotion makes perfection; Technical leading, future driven" has not changed, which promotes the Sicon team tireless lapping and innovation, practice the enterprise mission of "creating value for customers". At the same time, it will also be a constant criterion for inspiring generations of Sicon people. In the future, Sicon will continue to uphold the fine tradition of history, and actively explore and innovation and improvement, with better products to customer feedback, contribute to the community!

Sicon works together Huitian Networks to create a first-class data center

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