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Telecom Case: Sicon 400kva Modular UPS at China Unicom Data Center
Time : 2019-08-20

Telecom Case: Sicon 400kva Modular UPS at China Unicom Data Center -1

From 2013 to 2017, more than 14 units of Sicon Online UPS(400kva) have been installed on site of China Unicom Data Center.

Location:Telecom Case: Sicon 400kva Modular UPS at China Unicom Data Center

China Unicom Hebei Branch, China.


Telecom Data Center; 5.6MW


China Unicom, China TOP 3 Telecom Operator, provides daily communication network service for more than 30 million people in Hebei Province, undertaking long-term and arduous task of providing comprehensive, high-quality information and communication services for the majority of people in this province.


To ensure reliable, efficient, uninterruptible power supply to multifarious communication network, China Unicom has very strict demands on the Reliability and Capacity Expansion of Data Center Power along with its business growth.


In 2013, Sicon provided 12 sets of three phase ups CMS-400(modular ups) to China Unicom Data Center Hebei Branch with 2N Power Solution, which has two independent power sources to protect the electrical systems against unexpected power failure. The design fully considered flexibility and future power expansion at the very beginning, so modular construction was the most notable feature for this project.

Telecom Case: Sicon 400kva Modular UPS at China Unicom Data Center 3


★12 sets of 400KVA 3 phase ups, 4 years of zero fault uninterruptible power protection, proved the high reliability of Scion modular UPS, which also received highly praise from China Unicom.

With its business growth, 2 sets more were required in March of this year. Within one day, Sicon technicians completed all works involving installation, debugging, operations, which benefit from Sicon modular construction design.

With CMS modular UPS installed, China Unicom Data Center has achieved great reliable, flexible, uninterruptible power supply!

As long-term partner of China three major telecommunications operator: China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, Sicon has always been dedicated in providing customer the best-quality UPS and complete solutions!

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