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How can you save energy without compromising protection?
  • 2019-06-18 17:36:57
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Uninterruptible power system(UPS) can save energy and help you reduce your power, cooling and infrastructure requirements, contributing to lower capital expenditures and operating costs.

UPS Efficiency

Try to find a UPS supplier that manufactures high efficiency UPS. Though all UPS systems are less than 100% efficient , high efficiency will reduce your plenty of money and time, including maintenance cost ,etc..Sicon modular UPS with overall efficiency 95%.,satisfied all the users.

Economy Mode Operation

Advanced online UPS may support economy mode operation to save energy and reduce operating costs. While input power quality is good, the UPS operates with maximum efficiency. If input power quality worsens, the  UPS uses double conversion to provide maximum protection. On-line UPS systems operating in economy mode can increase efficiency by as much 10% compared to traditional on-line UPS systems.

Sicon Products

10KVA-100KVA Modular UPS ,hot swappable

150-250KVA Industrial Modular UPS, 150/250KVA Frame,25KVA power module

120KVA- 640KVA modular UPS, 40KVA power module

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