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Online UPS overview
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Online UPSs are the optimal solution for customers’ telecommunications systems, call centers, medium to large networks and servers. Sicon online UPS/modular UPS/three phase UPS, full range from 6KVA to 3200 KVA , increases your customers’ systems reliability and provides the highest level of power protection.

What is an online UPS?

Online UPS is slightly different than offline UPS. Instead of the load connecting directly to the mains, the online UPS systems draw their power through power conditioning and charging components during normal operations. The power received here is conditional power rather than the raw mains. These typs of UPS’s are called “double conversion” because the incoming power is converted to Direct Current for the battery, and is then converted back to alternative current before reaching the load. This process makes sure the mains are well insulated.

Online UPSs protect against all types of power contamination and continuously create clean sine wave power for your customers' systems.

Advantages of Online UPS:

# All the disturbances of supply such as blackout, brownouts, spikes etc are absent in the output.

# It provides isolation between main supply and load.

# Since inverter is always ON, the quality of load voltage is free from distortion

# Voltage regulation is better

# Transfer time is practically zero since inverter is always ON.

How does an online UPS work?

First, incoming utility AC power is converted to DC power. While a small portion of this DC power is used to charge the battery, the rest travels to the inverter. The inverter then produces new, continuous 120 volt sine wave AC power, which keeps the communications systems up and running. With online technology, the inverter operates continuously, regardless of the state of the utility power.

Join Sicon and become a partner of Sicon modular UPS and power products.Upholding the customer-oriented principle, we provide customers with cost-efficient, green-quality and high reliability power distribution solutions, and become the leader in power distribution and supply area.

Sicon Products

6-36KVA Modular UPS for small power

10KVA-100KVA hot swappable modular UPS

150-250KVA Industrial Modular UPS, 150/250KVA Frame,25KVA power module

120KVA- 640KVA modular UPS, 40KVA power module

350KVA-800KVA N+X redunancy modular UPS

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