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How much UPS capacity do you need?
  • 2020-05-18 16:22:50
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You can estimate your UPS capacity requirement by totaling the requirements of all the equipment you plan to connect to the online UPS .

You should refer to the equipment manufacturer's documentation to find the wattage. If you can't find any printed or online documentation, refer to the equipment nameplate. If your equipment lists its power requirements in amps, multiply the number of amps by the AC voltage to estimate it.

Refer to the UPS specifications to find models with capacities higher than your total requirement. UPS systems are typically marketed by their VA rating, but the capacity in watts should also be listed. (Keep in mind that UPS manufacturers typically recommend limiting IT equipment loads to 80% of capacity. This helps the UPS handle fluctuations in power demand, leaves headroom for additional equipment and reduces the chance of overloads. )

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