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UPS form factors
  • 2019-06-18 15:58:02
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Because UPS are used for many different applications - ranging from desktop systems to large data center ,they come in a wide variety of form factors.

1. Desktop and tower UPS

The Sicon DSP11 series tower UPS fits under a desk or in a network cabinet

tower ups

2. Rack mount UPS

The Sicon DSP11 rack mount UPS occupies only 2U of rack space, can be embedded in 19 inch standard cabinet.

rack mount ups

3. Scalable UPS

The Sicon ERMS series UPS is a small capacity modular UPS.

small capacity modular UPS

4. Large Tower UPS

The Sicon CMS series online UPS are designed to be a central backup for multiple loads, for example in data center.

online ups

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