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System capacity: 200KVA
Sub module frame capacity: 100KVA
UPS module capacity: 25KVA
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To facilitate in row UPS rack solutions, SCU has designed the CMS Rack independent UPS. It is a modular UPS including base unite, sub module frame, and UPS modules that fits into any 600x1000mm 42U 19 inch rack. Starting at 25kVA up to 200kVA this solution is easy to integrate into small and medium size computer room designs. This UPS solution enables you to integrate the full UPS into a HOT-COLD Corridor design of any particular brand. With just a few articles you are able to build or extend your UPS need. Follow the TIER1-4 electrical designs even for smaller and medium loads using SCU CMS Rack independent products. With base unit of 100 and 200kVA you never run low on power. Easy multiplying our ruggedized 25kVA modules to your need, not getting limited to single phase or three phase designs (or any combination of the two)
    1.Online hot swappable: all module online hot swappable, maintanance, expansion.
    2.Embedded standard cabinet: embedded 19 inch cabinet, easy installation.
    3.System redundant: System with online expansion function, according to the load dynamic expansion, to ensure system redundancy.
    4.Fault tolerance : power module share the load, with fault isolation function,great fault-tolerant.
    5.Flexible configuration: According to the actual need to configure the module and the module rack, the remaining space can be configured batteries, transformers, PDU, etc.
    6.T4 design: meet T4 degree demands even small datacenter.
    7.Multi output mode: could meet single phase or three pahse load demands.
System integrators, SKD, Cabinet manufacturer, Small and medium-sized data center
  RU-CMS200/25 base unit
- Input/ Output cable entries
- STS static switch 200kVA
- Maintenance By-Pass switch
- Maximum size supported 200kVA/180kW
- input/output 3/3, 3/1, 1/3, 1/1
- 380/220VAC, 400/230VAC, 415/240VAC, 50/60Hz

  RU-CMS MSF4 sub module frame
- Fits up to 4x 25kVA/22,5kW UPS modules
- maximum size 100kVA per CM-100F
- maximum 1 MSF4 with RU-CMS100/25 base unit
- maximum 2 MSF4 with RU-CMS200/25 base unit
- fits into any 19inch frame
- Sub module frame height 12U total

General specifications
Cable eatery 3/1, 3/3, 1/3, 1/1
Circuit online
Output wave Sine wave
AC Input
Mains input Input rated voltage 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V
Input voltage range 165V275V(single phase voltage)285V475V(three phase voltage)
Input mode Three-phase four-line+ grounding line/ one phase two-line+ grounding line
Input frequency 50Hz±5Hz 60Hz±5Hz
Input power factor ≥0.99
THDI <3%
Power woke-in > 60sec
Battery input Rated input voltage ±384V
input voltage 345V445V
AC Output
Output voltage 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V
Output mode Three phase or single phase
UPS power factor 0.9
Voltage distortion Linear load ≤3%non-linear load≤5%
Output frequency If the input mains is within 50Hz/60Hz±4%, the output frequency follows the mains frequency and the phase error is within 3 degree;
 if the mains is out of limits or the system is in battery supply, the output frequency is 50Hz/60Hz±0.2%.
Peak factor 1
Overall efficiency ≥95%(mains supply)≥98%(battery supply)
Current equalize accuracy ≤5%
Transfer from mains to battery supply 0ms
Transfer from bypass to inverter supply <1ms
Dynamic response of instant variation Load variation between 0%100% or 100%0%, voltage variation ≤2%
Unbalanced load Bear 100% unbalanced load

Subject: CMS/PDM-200


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