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EVTS series charging system

Wide range of AC power input
High adaptability of utility grid
Emergency stop function
Emergency protection and alarming functions
Communication interface: CAN, RS485
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EVTS series charging system is the latest intelligent DC charging system. This product has two types: one stack multiple terminals, which is composed of DC charger stack and charging terminal; and one station multiple outlets, which is composed of DC charge stack, concentral control unit and outlets.
Adopting modular structure design concept and forefront power electronic technology, the charger stack consists of power distribution unite, DC charging module, controlling unit and safety protection unit. There are 16 DC charging modules in total, can provide 2outlets, 4outlets, and 8 outlets DC output at the same time. The maximum power could achieve 240 KW, also the power can be allocated flexible, which could satisfy different needs.

1.2 outlets,4 outlets, or 8 DC outlets, can charging multiple vehicle at the same time.
2.Flexible power range: 8outlets, 15KW-75KW, 4 outlets, 30KW-90KW, 2 outlets,60KW-180KW.
3.Flexible power distribution, it fits all kinds of charging demands, and can also reduce charging time, save investment.
4.intelligent management,intelligent module dispatch, it can enable different amount of modules according to loading current, highly increase module’s working life and running efficiency, reduce system loss and operating energy consumption.
5.Has insulation monitoring function, it can automatically turn off the output to ensure safe charging when insulation level is low.
6.High adaptability of temperature range, has isolated heat dissipation air ducts. Power heat dispassion is separated from control circuit to ensure dust-free of control circuit.
7.High efficiency, high reliability, ultra low radiation, fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion, energy efficiency and environmental protection. 
Parking lots and charging station where multiple DC charging service required

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DC charger stack
Central operation unit

Charging terminal

Model EVTS-500H240F EVTS-500D240F EVTS-500B240F
EVTS-750H240F EVTS-750D240F EVTS-750B240F
System capacity 240KW
Outlets 8 4 2
Output capacity of each route 15KW 30KW 60KW
Flexible maximum power 75KW 90KW 180KW
Input voltage 380VAC
Input voltage range 260V~530V (260~304VAC, output power derating 50%)
Current share precision  3%
Power factor  0.99
Working frequency 50/60HZ
Output voltage 200VDC-500VDC / 300VDC-750VDC
Current regulation accuracy  1%
Voltage regulation accuracy  0.5%
Current share precision  3%
Overall efficiency 0.95
BMSauxiliary power supply 12V/10A
Communication interface EthernetCAN/RS4853G/4G
Charging mode Automatic charging or manual charging (optional)
Acoustic noise (dB) ≤ 60dB
Protection degree DC charger stack IP30indoor
Concentrated control unit IP55outdoor
DC charging terminal IP55outdoor
Dimension (W*D*Hmm DC charger stack 900*800*2000
concentrated control unit 270*250*1700
DC charging terminal 270*250*1700


Subject: EVTS series charging system


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