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Sicon Channel Partner Seminar
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon was hosting 100+ Chinese partners for the UPS Channel Partner Seminar at the factory.

GM Mr.Chen made great presentations about Sicon’s innovation at energy storage solution and data center, and leading modular UPS technologies.

Full range modular UPS product introduction made by marketing manager.

UPS module: 6KVA/10KVA/25KVA/50KVA

UPS system: 36KVA/50KVA/100KVA/150KVA/250KVA/350KVA/500KVA/800KVA

Data center power solution Tier 1-4 is also part of the seminar.

The guests are pleased to be partners of Sicon, a company with great product, solution and vision!

Products We Offer

>> 150KVA--250KVA  UPS System(Based On 25KVA UPS Module)

>> 350KVA--800KVA  UPS System(Based On 50KVA UPS Module)

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