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Sicon provides high frequency modular UPS for Environmental Monitoring and Warning Center
Time : 2017-06-26

Recently, Sicon joins hands with Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring and Warning Center Project with its excellent technology advantages and leader service as Modular UPS Supplier .Sicon provides Modular UPS and guarantee its stable running.

Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring and Warning Center is one of the first set of the key environmental monitoring stations in China, The stable running of the monitor and warning equipment is of great importance for the smoothly carrying out of the monitor and warning work.

DSM Series High Frequency Power UPS is the on-line double-conversion UPS produced by Sicon. DSM design and high control technology provides better protection and higher reliability on load. DSM series UPS has zero impact source: low input current distortion-less than 3%.high input power factor 0.99,nearly zero pollution on the grid;Delayed start-up protects its power supply sources(main or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads.

In recent years, Sicon has its own Modular UPS Factory and researched more and more intelligent energy-saving products and solutions. Benefit all the users with better products and excellent services!

Sicon provides DSM series high frequency power UPS

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