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Sicon UPS – winning bidder of Huangshi Public Security Bureau Building Project!
Time : 2016-12-15

Recently, Sicon defeated many strong opponents and won the bidding in the Public Security Bureau Building Project of Huangshi City with its CMS-500 UPS system to provide power protection for data center of the Bureau.

Huangshi Public Security Bureau is the main functional department in charge of the whole city's public security work, also the leading and commanding organization for all policemen in the city. Its file data relates to public safety of Huangshi City, which requires the key storage equipment running smoothly, reliably and stably.

Sicon CMS series is a kind of up-market online modular UPS product, following the concept of "energy saving, green, environmental protection " with function of intelligent power protection. It is featured by reliable redundancy,fault isolation, decentralized control, high power density, zero risk on-line expansion of maintenance, standardization, modular structure etc.. Sicon provides CMS-500KVA modular UPS with 25KVA modules for the Bureau, with advantages of power factor greater than 0.99, low harmonic current, low noise etc., to provide the Bureau with safe and reliable power protection.

Sicon has been focusing on the R&D of uninterruptible power supply since 2003. From the first step of production, each link are required to strict quality control and achieve the highest standards for the user to maximize the benefits. Therefore, Sicon has won the support and trust of numerous customers, with whom establishing long-term cooperative relations!

Sicon, 500KVA modular UPS

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