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Features to help you improve UPS system availability
  • 2019-06-18 16:25:57
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Uninterruptible power system is typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.They should also incorporate high-availability and fault-tolerance features that help you avoid network downtime. Some important features here you need to know to help you improve UPS system availability.

High reliability

Reliability of UPS= MTBF+Redundancy. Hence redundancy design is the best way to increase reliability of UPS in current UPS industry.

Uninterruptible power system

On-line and Double Conversion Technology

UPS systems that use on-line and  double conversion technology  provide the best protection and most reliable power available for critical systems. Sicon online UPS and the double conversion process isolates equipment from power problems on the AC line and delivers ideal output 24x7.

Hot-Swappable Power Modules

Modular UPS is taking the place of standalone UPS,opening a new page of UPS development. If a UPS module fails ,the UPS system will still work normally. No need of trouble shooting.Remove the failing module to solve the problem.So the user can conduct maintenance by themselves. Support by online maintenance at any time.Eliminate potential failure. High reliability and stability ensure the best protection to the load. High availability provides full time protection to both load and UPS.

Power Redundancy

UPS systems can be configured to provide redundant backup power, and some models have built-in redundancy. Models with two hot-swappable power modules automatically provide N+X redundancy when the connected equipment load is ≤50% of capacity. (The maximum load for N+1 redundancy is equal to the capacity remaining when one power module has been removed. That would be 66% for three power modules, 75% for four, 80% for five and so on.) If one of the power modules requires maintenance, repair or replacement, your equipment still receives conditioned power and battery backup. All the power modules can also be hot-swapped at once without interrupting equipment operation, which will be supported by the bypass power source.

Wide Input Voltage Range

UPS systems that can correct a wide range of input voltages without switching to battery can reduce battery wear by as much as 40%. This reduces battery life-cycle costs and ensures that batteries are more likely to provide reliable service during outages.

High investment efficiency

Investment efficiency includes:

Reduce initial investment, expansion, maintenance costs

Sicon UPS is a flexible modular structure. UPS power module can be added or removed online, without forced shutdowns. It is pay as you grow.

Decrease operation cost

Final targets of power equipment: High efficiency, No pollution, Energy saving

Performance index of Sicon modular UPS:

≥95% overall efficiency;(AC-AC)

≥98% inverter efficiency; (DC-AC)


Input PF≥0.99

Sicon Products

6-36KVA Modular UPS for small power

10KVA-100KVA Modular UPS ,hot swappable

150-250KVA Industrial Modular UPS, 150/250KVA Frame,25KVA power module

120KVA- 640KVA modular UPS, 40KVA power module

350KVA-800KVA modular UPS, N+X redunancy

Sicon Solution

Why modular UPS

Data Center △2N Power Solution

2N Power Solution

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