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How to choose the right UPS
  • 2019-05-27 15:26:59
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Your data and computer systems are important to you and your business. Power is the lifeblood of your data center, and your IT equipment is designed to be supplied with a steady flow.So UPS (uninterruptible power supply )systems are a critical component of your data center, whether you’re running just a couple computers or numerous servers.

UPS systems are not designed equally, and choosing the wrong type of system for your application can have disastrous consequences. It is important to take time to understand your own environment before selecting a modular UPS system. For example,If your UPS unit is in an uncontrolled environment like a plant floor or server closet, make sure that you purchase a system that can handle the heat.If your environment is corrosive, ensure the unit can be hermetically sealed or at least have coated electronics that protect internal electronic components.

how to choose the right UPS


Taking the time to properly understand your current and future loads is also crucial to making the right choice when purchasing a UPS. Most often, a online UPS is used to support computer-grade loads like servers, network switches or computer work stations that have a clean, stable load profile. Reactive loads, compressors, electric motors and similar loads have their own power needs and should be discussed prior to selection of your UPS. Have a conversation about your load type when deciding what type of system will best support your equipment.


Your power infrastructure is an important part of selecting a UPS. Take time to review your existing power distribution. These questions can clarify the power quality in your building:

Do you have frequent power outages, sags or spikes?

Historically, what power issues has your building experienced?

How stable is your utility provider?

Do you have neighboring business that might disrupt the power in your own facility?


For many customers, time lost is money lost. Each organization we work with has a different perspective on its own uptime requirements. A power outage in a facility may range from being a mere nuisance to having a substantial impact on a company, which impacts its reputation, product delivery and bottom line. Before you spend the money on a critical UPS solution, analyze what downtime would truly cost your organization. UPS Reliability can be increased by selecting equipment with a high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), as well as designing high redundancy modular UPS in the critical power path.


No doubt,specification such as efficiency is also a key component in the life cycle cost of a UPS system. An inefficient system could cost your facility thousands of dollars over the operational life of the unit.

It’t the important decision to choose the right uninterruptible power supply(UPS) ,which can have a significant impact on your business. Sicon, as China modular ups manufacturer,is the leader of modular UPS industry.Any questions about choosing UPS or power solutions, please contact enquiry@scupower.com

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CMS Modular UPS 50-100KVA (Hot-swappable, 10KVA UPS module)
Rack Independent UPS Modular 25-200kVA (Rack independent, Full UPS functioned UPS Module)
Data Center And Facility UPS 350-800KVA (N+X redundancy, 50KVA UPS module)

DSM Digital UPS 20-400KVA(High Input Power Factor 0.99, 115% Load Long Hours)


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