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Be cautious of your UPS failure
  • 2017-11-02 17:15:48
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A UPS(uninterruptible power system) typically provides up to 30minutes-2hours of backup power. In other words, UPS is not intended to keep your computer equipment running during a blackout, but it does give you the opportunity to safely save whatever you are working on and properly shut everything down. Be cautious of your UPS failureUnfortunately, the battery will not retain a charge forever, and there are many mistakes that can erode the lifespan and functionality of your UPS.

A common, and highly avoidable cause of UPS failure is temperature. A high frequency UPS will become less effective if you use or store it in an area that is warmer than 77°F. Shockingly, a 15° increase will cut your battery’s expected life in half, so it is critical to use proper ventilation. Other issues that could cause your UPS battery to fail when you need it the most include: mistakes that can erode the lifespan and functionality of your UPS.

▲Improper use of the battery

Over-cycling by going through too many recharge and discharge cycles

Leaving the battery in storage for an extended period of time without charging the battery

Using the wrong float voltage.

If the power goes out and your UPS battery is dead, you could end up dealing with a long list of complications. The most common issue is lost data, but an unexpected power surge could also damage the power Supply of any sensitive electronics. Additionally, over-voltage issues can quickly cause extensive damage to the CPU and a variety of other essential parts. This means that you need to place an emphasis on keeping your UPS battery properly charged and operational if you want to avoid any costly problems as the result of a power outage or surge.

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