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Online UPS and Online Interactive UPS, which is better for you?
  • 2017-01-19 20:25:36
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On-line UPS: Regardless of the grid voltage is normal or not, the AC voltage used by the load must pass through the inverter circuit, the inverter has been in working condition. So when the power cut off, UPS can immediately provide its store energy through the inverter into AC power supply to the load, In order to achieve the  zero switching of output voltage. Online UPS is suitable for the places which has strict requirement for power supply.

Online interactive UPS : When the mains power is normal, it will supply power directly from the mains to the load. And UPS is working in reverse, for charging the battery; when main power anomaly, the inverter immediately turn to inverter working state, the battery power is converted to AC output, so the online interactive UPS  has the conversion time.

Originally, online interaction is the United States IEEE electrical architecture classification method, refers to a kind of electrical architecture which inverter in electricity output beside the monitor, while added power, almost simultaneously from the battery provided by the electrical energy. Online type use the structure of which power is supplied by the inverter, even if the power is off, or by the battery to provide energy for the inverter. These two methods have battery power to inverter transfer time, from the view of efficiency, the former has advantages. From the view of waveform switch, the latter is relatively smooth. But the difference of this classification in the current electrical technology on the energy conversion time is not significant, no sense. Is an outdated classification method.

The online interactive UPS in good condition under electricity directly supply main power to load, the inverter to charge the battery, but when a bad power or power is cut off, inverter will output sine wave immediately to the load, have a conversion time, is suitable for the load which requirement for power is not high.

Simply, there will be a few milliseconds interruption of line interactive UPS when power conversion, but has no effect on a computer and other equipment , at the same time, because the design of online interactive UPS is relatively simple, so generally less fault. Online interactive UPS has the conversion time, while online UPS no, online interactive UPS is the square wave output, while online UPS is the positive wave output. Price is also different.

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