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Reduce the loss of power risks,right now!
  • 2019-06-18 15:57:06
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If you have witnessed in the past flickering lights in your home or office, computer freezing up or restarting, then you may be suffering a power supply problem.

The IT equipment storing data is extremely sensitive and will not tolerate loss of power for more than a few milliseconds. It is also at risk from power anomalies such as over-voltages, transients, sags and spikes arising from the power grid or within the facility itself. Therefore, it is vital that appropriate safeguards are put in place to ensure that a reliable power supply free from disturbance is maintained.

The best protection is to install a centralised uninterruptible power system (UPS)  complete with battery back-up capability. The UPS provides continuous power in the event of a power failure, maintaining the critical load while a signal is sent to start the generator which can then assume the load. In addition to this crucial function, the modular UPS conditions the power supply and provides complete protection against anomalies such as spikes and sags which can harm the sensitive data equipment.

Whether your facility is high security or not, here are four best practices that should be prior to the facility becoming operational.

Reduce loss of power risks

1. Bring all the stakeholders together.

The number one issue we see is a lack of understanding of how a facility works and who is responsible for its various areas.

Even though responsibility may be fragmented between facility managers, IT directors and operations managers, it’s essential that all these stakeholders participate in an internal analysis.

Assemble everyone in the same room to bypass the “silo” mentality, and work together to assemble a master plan. Designate responsibilities and key duties during a power outage.

2.Put together a site survey.

The master plan should include a site survey, in which the needs of every department are clearly noted. Look at your equipment: Is it compatible with your backup generator?  What should be on UPS power ? Have surge or transient voltage concerns been addressed?

3. Run a Commissioning Test.

Once you have your emergency power backup system in place, we highly recommend you run a Commissioning Test to ensure online UPS Power with highest reliability as designed. Surprisingly, some facility managers are reluctant to do this, perhaps out of fear of being embarrassed the new plan won’t work.

4. Perform regular maintenance.

It’s one thing to have the plan enacted and the equipment in place. Now you need to make sure it’s well-maintained. 80% or more of UPS system failure is a direct result of battery failure: Are these being tested and inspected properly? Has a full load bank test been performed on the generator or DC plant? Are you familiar with local code requirements for testing and maintenance? Periodic testing is critical.

Our increased dependence on electricity and networks has led to a dramatic increase in the mission-critical operations managed in our data centres.Simple, common sense UPS maintenance and conducting an annual facility review (to account for new loads to equipment that need to be connected to emergency power) is the best way to avoid catastrophes. Your facility is changing; be sure you stay one step ahead of the game.

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