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18KVA 48Vdc Modular Inverter System

DTP Modular Inverter System
Rackmount structure, embedded into 19inch cabinet
System power: 18KVA
Inverter module: 3KVA
Dimension (w×d×h) mm: 442*420*486

48V Modular Inverter System
110V Modular Inverter System, 220V Modular Inverter System(Optional)

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DTP inverter system satisfies complex telecommunications and industrial power demands,  provides ultimate flexibility for your current and future power requirements.
Pure sine wave, single phase, DC-AC inverter for critical telecom and electric power equipments. Its modular architecture,consisting of system rack and inverter modules, which could configure various power capacities by adding modules. With N+1 redundant design, if one inverter fails,it will withdraw from the system and the inverter system keeps supply to load.

Same series inverter system, 9kVA system frame, 24kVA system frame available. Met different capacity range's application requirement.


  • User friendly LCD+LED, accurate display of system operation statues
  • Hot swappable monitor module& inverter module, with self-detection and alarm function
  • Performance index indication and display, event record for failure tracing
  • Protection functions: input/output under or over voltage,overload protection to protect load equipment
  • System transfer: fast transfer under synchronize or non-synchronize
  • Communication interface: output dry contact, RS232/485
  • DC priority or AC priority(bypass) are available. And user could choose one as priority in monitor module.


Electrical substation, Telecommunication station and environments with poor utility grid conditions.


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Sicon DTP 3kVA, Scalable to 9kVA, 220V 230V 240V DTP11-09 enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon DTP 3kVA, Scalable to 18kVA, 220V 230V 240V DTP11-18 enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon DTP 3kVA, Scalable to 24kVA, 220V 230V 240V DTP11-24 enquiry@scupower.com
Monoblock Inverter
Sicon DHP 1kVA 220V 230V 240V DHP11-1kVA enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon DHP 2kVA 220V 230V 240V DHP11-2kVA enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon DHP 3kVA 220V 230V 240V DHP11-3kVA enquiry@scupower.com
Modular UPS
Sicon ERMS 6kVA, Scalable to 12kVA, 220V 230V 240V 1P3W ERMS-12/6 enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon ERMS 6kVA, Scalable to 24kVA, 220V 230V 240V 1P3W ERMS-24/6 enquiry@scupower.com
Sicon ERMS 6kVA, Scalable to 36kVA, 220V 230V 240V 1P3W ERMS-36/6 enquiry@scupower.com

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 System power: 18KVA
 Module power: 3KVA 

 Slot no.: 6
 Dimension (H×W×D) mm: 486*442*420

                             Bypass √

                            48vdc 110vdc 220vdc input 

                            220vac 230vac 240vac output

Inverter System Model DTP11-18
Max Capacity 18KVA (6 Modules Parallel )
DC Input Rated Voltage 48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC
Voltage Range 42V57V, 94V128V, 189V256V
Input Reflected Wind Band Noise Current 10%
Input Reflected Weight Noise Current 1%
AC Output Output Voltage 220V/ 230V/ 240V
Voltage Precision ±1%
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±1%
Power Factor 0.7
Voltage Distortion 3% (Liner Load) / 5% (Non-Liner Load)
Load Peak Factor 3
Overall Efficiency ≥90%
Load Share Precision ≤5%
Overload Capacity 105~125% Load ≥60s; 126~150% Load ≥10s
Transfer Time ≤4ms
Environment Operating Temperature -5~40
Relative Humidity ≤ 93% Non-Cadency
Ambient Temperature -40~70 96% Non-Cadency
Operating Altitude ≤1000m, De-Rating By1 Each 200m Higher
Mechanical Acoustic Noise: (1m) ≤65DB
DimensionH× W×DMm 486*442*420
Rack Weight 23kg
Safety Compliance EN62040-1-1:2003 EN60950-1:2001
RS232, RS485
Environmental Compliance ETS300 753


Subject: 18KVA 48Vdc Modular Inverter System


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