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Sicon Integrated New Energy Charging Station shines on EVSE Shanghai Charging Pile Exhibition
  • 2019-05-27 14:41:29
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Sicon, the leader specialist in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, brought its Integrated New Energy Charging Station solution as well as its full ranges of charging products on 2016 the sixth Shanghai International Charging Station (Pile) Technical Equipment Exhibition from August 23 to 25. The fantastic debut deeply impressed industry experts and professionals at the scene, who would like to carry on deep cooperation with Sicon later.

Shanghai charging equipment exhibition is the largest exhibition in the domestic charging field.  On the exhibition, Sicon fully displayed its new energy electric vehicle charging series:  EVDS series integrated DC charger, VRM Car Charger, EV smart high-end AC charger, EV mini AC charger, EVTS series charging piles, charging terminal as well as VRM series on-board charger, 30K charging module etc..  Among these products, the newly promoted charging pile products can automatically adjust the output power, which can effectively improve charging efficiency and equipment utilization, thus extending its service life and saving investment cost.

Meanwhile, Sicon also grandly introduced its advanced green energy storage infrastructure, and showed PCS bi-directional converter, energy storage battery and so on.  Besides, by infusing energy storage concept into the overall charging station solution, Sicon has produced new energy integrated charging station solution integrating solar, energy storage and grid power, which is a kind of light-storing integrated charging station containing  bi-directional converter, energy storage battery, BMS as well as charging terminal.

Sicon product series and excellent solution has appealed lots of people abroad and home for visiting and communication. Sicon brand images and its technical advantages have won Numerous Praise And cooperation Requirements .

We will take every leap as our new start, conform to the developing trends of industry and times, and innovate continuously and move forward bravely.

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