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  • How can I distinguish the UPS(uninterruptible power system) with good quality ?
    • 2019-06-18 17:01:30
    • admin

    Testing.it is the best solution for you to tell a“good”quality from some “poor”quality UPS. You may attention some factors as following: 1.Does the uninterruptible power system have a manual bypass switch? If the UPS is broken or is being serviced, can you pass power through it to your equipment? The last thing you want is for a broken UPS to be the cause of extra downtime. 2.Sinusoidal power outp...

  • What to do when you (UPS)uninterruptible power system is reaching end-of- life soon?
    • 2019-06-18 17:41:26
    • admin

    Have you experienced your (UPS)uninterruptible power supply appear to be running time? The replacement of UPS battery, capacitors and fans are all part of your single phase UPS /three phase UPS system lifecycle. Following are some tips for you. 1.Review the purpose of your UPS system and your current infrastructure If your UPS system has reached her end of life, it’s a good chance for you to revie...

  • 9 Power Problems and Their UPS Solutions
    • 2019-06-18 17:43:13
    • admin

    No Power Problem Definition Cause and Results UPS Solution 1 Power Outage A total loss of utility power Can be caused by a number of events: lightning strikes, downed power lines, grid over-demands, accidents and natural disasters. Standby Line-interactive Online 2 Power Sag Short term low voltage Triggered by the startup of large loads, utility switching, utility equipment failure, lightning and ...

  • Tips for uninterruptible power system(UPS) maintenance
    • 2019-06-18 17:44:52
    • admin

    All standalone/online UPS system need to get regular maintenance, you may not be able to do much about huge attacks and failures, but you can take steps to ensure that many potential downtime events are thwarted through UPS maintenance. 1.Regular UPS maintenance For the uninterruptible power supply(UPS), you should check whether the meters and instrumentation is in correct operation,also monitor p...

  • Can UPS truly protect your equipment?
    • 2019-06-18 17:54:06
    • admin

    Yes, with the fast development of telecom and network technology, UPS is widely used in various industries. UPS, that’s uninterruptible power system, it can provide power protection and backup power for your equipment.Usually, it protect your equipment as following two aspects: 1) A UPS system provides a continuous power supply. As we all know, for some sensitive operations such as hospital facili...

  • Can I use a uninterruptible power supply and a generator together?
    • 2019-06-18 17:51:09
    • admin

    Yes. Similar to a uninterruptible power supply, a generator provides backup power. However, when utility power fails a UPS system detects the condition and switches to battery backup to keep supplying power to the protected loads. Meanwhile, the auxiliary generator starts up within 10-15 seconds; time may vary by generator type. However, a generator does not actively condition or regulate voltage ...

  • Why you should get uninterruptible power system maintenance?
    • 2019-06-18 17:39:14
    • admin

    As we all know,for your uninterruptible power system, regular maintenance and occasional parts replacements can ensure your UPS running smoothly and get normal reliability.Why? 1.Regular UPS maintenance can help avoid a unexpected loss. There will be some unexpected power quality issues, no matter your UPS or other equipment around the facility. Usually we’ll look at the UPS system with an experie...

  • How to detect and avoid UPS capacitor failure
    • 2019-06-18 17:52:33
    • admin

    What is UPS (uninterrutiple power system)capacitor failure? A capacitor can either fail in an “open” condition in which the capacitor simply stops functioning, or it can fail in a “short” condition, in which it may develop a leak of the dielectric medium or even an explosive “pop” if the venting is forceful. In the event of a leak, most capacitor designs will only allow the electrolyte to leak gen...

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