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Tips for uninterruptible power system(UPS) maintenance
  • 2019-06-18 17:44:52
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All standalone/online UPS system need to get regular maintenance, you may not be able to do much about huge attacks and failures, but you can take steps to ensure that many potential downtime events are thwarted through UPS maintenance.

UPS debugging

1.Regular UPS maintenance

For the uninterruptible power supply(UPS), you should check whether the meters and instrumentation is in correct operation,also monitor panel and indicate light need be checked for correct status indication. And do not forget the switch gear and circuit breaker operation.

2.UPS battery maintenance

Sicon team recommend you two UPS battery maintenance and check twice a year.This kind of maintenance includes battery voltage testing, thermal image scans and visual inspection, etc. After maintenance we can know how long your battery has left and when should to replace it.

3.Generator maintenance

For generator checking, it should cover the cooling, fuel and lubrication systems, the starting system and mechanical parts, etc. In addition, insulation and load testing should also be performed.

4.Schedule maintenance—and stick it.

Preventive maintenance shouldn’t be something that you’ll just “get around to,” particularly given the potential costs of downtime. For your uninterruptible power system—as with other data center systems—you should schedule regular maintenance activities (annual, semiannual or whatever the time frame) and stick with that schedule. That includes keeping a written (on paper or electronic) record listing upcoming maintenance activities and whether/when past maintenance was performed.

All uninterruptible power system and related system components need regular maintenance to ensure reliability. Sicon is dedicated to providing high-quality online UPS and power solutions,more info please contact enquiry@scupower.com

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