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What will your do when plan for EV charging infrastructure?
  • 2019-06-18 16:46:17
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Nowadays, the demand for EV charging infrastructure and DC fast charger is growing aggressively. When you intend to plan out EV charging infrastructure, there are a number of factors need to be considered. In this article we show you three key considerations when leading a successful EV charging infrastructure project.

1.When will you invest EV charging station ?AC Charging Pile

First, figure out whether plug-ins meet your needs using data collected from existing Electric Vehicle Charger. Use mileage to compare fuel costs. Analyze duty cycles to make sure range capabilities and charging periods are feasible.

2. How many charging stations will you need?

There are many ways for determining how many charging stations a fleet will need. A number of considerations come into play, including:

The duty cycles of the electrical vehicles at each site

The balance of fuel-cars vs electric vehicles

The capacity of the battery packs that will need to be charged

As the build-out progressed,your area will add chargers to meet the needs of existing vehicles and give the EV charging infrastructure some room to grow.

3. What kind of EV charging stations will you need?

Due to the various EV charging manufacturer , electric vehicles have different charge standards—meaning not all plug-ins are compatible with all stations. For example, Sicon EV charger are based on GB/T.

Therefore, it’s important to distribute the right stations to the right locations to serve all of the EV cars hat will be parked there. The ability to charge them in as many locations as possible maybe be crucial to maximizing their electric mileage.

Also, pay attention to your charging speed. Some DC fast charger have the potential to charge an EV battery up to 80% within 20 minute,that’s your best choice as they reduce driver’s anxiety and battery recharging time. Also good for you.

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