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Sicon 150kva Online UPS Launched in GANSU Steel Group
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon 150kva Online UPS Launched in GANSU Steel Group

Recently, Sicon CMS series 150kva three phase ups /uninterruptible power system were installed in Gansu Jisco Steel Group, providing uninterruptible power protection for the critical equipment of the Steel Group.

As the strongest steel enterprise in Northwest China, Gansu Jisco Steel Group has the most advanced equipment and the best economic benefits. To proceed sustainable development, Jicso pay more attention to reasonable production processes and consumption index. Sicon modular UPS system is featured with "green, energy saving, environmental protection", in full compliance with Jisco sustainable development requirements.

As an industry leader for decades,Sicon is dedicated in not only electrical and power electronic technology, but also social responsibility of building a green, sustainable and intelligent world.

CMS-150/25 150KVA modular UPS Feature

3/3// Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Transformer Free UPS technology,  lower space and weight

Online double Conversion (VFI-SS-111) · Rational redundant structure · N+X redundancy

High efficiency · AC/DC, DC/AC 95%, DC/AC 98% efficiency

Input low current harmonic distortion · THDI ≤ 3%

High input power factor · input PF ≥ 0.99

High output power factor · Output PF = 0.9

Static and Maintenance bypass switch

Short circuit and overload protection

Selectable input/ output voltage/ frequency range

Battery management system

Auto-transfer between floating and even charging

Temperature compensation

Optional SNMP, Modbus adapters

2 year warranty

10 years spare parts support

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