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Sicon attened the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair
Time : 2019-08-20

The 19th China Hi-Tech Fair, China’s No.1 Technology Show, was hosted during 16th-21th,November. Sicon, as a member of National Science and Technology Commercial Innovation Base, participated in the exhibition.Sicon attened the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair

Overview of China Hi-Tech Fair

China’s No.1 Technology Show

China Hi-Tech Fair(CHTF), is co-hosted in Shenzhen by Ministries and Commissions of the national government and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Currently, it is the largest and the most influential scientific and technological fair in China and is renowned as “the No.1 Technology Show in China”.

After years of development, CHTF has become an important window for the opening outside in the China’s high-tech sectors and has played a more important role in commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements as well as promotion of economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions.

Sicon attened the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair

Sicon in China Hi-Tech Fair

Sicon received the certificate of “Excellent Product Award” for the B- directional energy storage UPS project.Also Sicon is the only award winning enterprise in Shijiazhuang.This honor shows Sicon’s technological advantages and brand strength.

B- directional energy storage UPS with four-quadrant running function, is necessary for modern electronics systems to maintain the stable, reliable and uninterruptible power supply.

Technical leading, future driven. Over the years, Sicon always insist to the ''improving the quality as base, technological innovation as support and market demand as oriented'' to achieve the customer value maximization. Sicon full range of UPS(modular UPS, three phase UPS,online UPS )and professional overall UPS solutions, provides available and efficient power guarantee for government, finance, medical facilities, meets user's demands and get highly praised .

Sicon Products

6-36KVA Modular UPS for small power

10KVA-100KVA hot swappable modular UPS

150-250KVA Industrial Modular UPS, 150/250KVA Frame,25KVA power module

120KVA- 640KVA modular UPS, 40KVA power module

350KVA-800KVA N+X redunancy modular UPS

30KW-120KW DC Fast Charging Pile

15KW DC Charging Module

Sicon Enterprise Video & Sicon Online Show Room

Sicon References

Sicon UPS at International Fair

Key Projects - 43.6MVA UPS Installed at a Cloud Data Center in Beijing

Telecom Case: Sicon 400kva Modular UPS at China Unicom Data Center

Astronomy Case-Sicon Modular UPS Applied to the World’s Largest Single-aperture Telescope Base

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