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Sicon modular UPS applied in Medical Center
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon joined hands with Blood Testing Center in Hefei city, Anhui Province to provide efficient and uninterruptible power supply.Sicon modular UPS applied in Medical Center

The blood testing center in Hefei City, is a comprehensive system which assembles centralized blood testing, blood collection, emergency blood donation and other functions. Sicon online UPS launching in this blood center,will play a significant role in the city's blood safety, ensures more than 10 million people blood security.

Sicon provided CMS modular UPS system for Hefei Blood Testing Center.Advanced modular design, N+X redundancy, hot swappable, can be easily online expanded according to the users ' requirements. 4 UPS system parallel is available. And meets N+X power solution/2N power solution /△2N power solution , features with high reliability and high cost-efficiency

Sicon always insist to the '' improving the quality as base, technological innovation as support and market demand as oriented'' to achieve the customer value maximization. Sicon UPS and professional overall power solutions, provides available and efficient power guarantee for government, finance, medical facilities, meets user's demands got highly praised .

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