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Sicon online UPS launched in Kindstar Global Medical Inspection Group
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon online UPS won the bid of Kindstar global medical inspection group and provides reliable,stable and uninterruptible power supply for health center and server room.

Kindstar Global, which is the first and largest high-end medical special inspection group in China. It is committed to lead the medical laboratory technology and improve the medical development in China. Kindstar follows the international standards and industrial guidelines to offer comprehensive,professional and advanced inspection services for large tertiary hospitals, specialist hospitals and general hospitals in China.

The importance of medical center is self-evident, which requires the UPS running smoothly, reliably, uninterruptedly. And high investment efficiency and high efficiency.

Sicon provides 500KVA three phase modular UPS and 20KVA rack mount UPS for kindstar global.

500KVA three phase UPS

500KVA UPS system with 50KVA power module

High efficiency (95%), low THDI (3%) and high stability to ensure its professional testing equipment operation.

N+X redundancy system, ensures more reliable power supply;

Remote software and friend user LCD display which functions including communication, alarming and managements, all of these suit for precision equipment in medical center.

500KVA modular UPS

20KVA rack mount UPS

High frequency online double conversion technology to ensure clean and persistent power supply;

1+1 redunancy in power module protects the safety of server room, offers safeguards key medical equipment against shutdown.

Flexible install way and advanced technology, suits for small power users requirements.

rack mount UPS

Sicon modular UPS with high reliability and stability , provides reliable power guarantee for medical inspection center, which also received highly praise from Kindstar Global.

Sicon as original single phase/ three phase online UPS manufacturer, offers uninterruptible power supply worldwide which has been widely used in the data center, bank,public security, Telecom/VoIP, finance,etc. Sicon are proud of providing uninterruptible power supply for medical center, and we will work hard to contribute our own part to improve the medical level in China.

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