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Can UPS truly protect your equipment?
  • 2019-06-18 17:54:06
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Yes, with the fast development of telecom and network technology, UPS is widely used in various industries. UPS, that’s uninterruptible power system, it can provide power protection and backup power for your equipment.Usually, it protect your equipment as following two aspects:

1) A UPS system provides a continuous power supply.

As we all know, for some sensitive operations such as hospital facilities and banks, stable and uninterruptible power is critical. When you face power failure, having a UPS system provides you continuous power supply, the UPS system is always online until the generator is ok.Even a UPS system with a longer run time can supply longer power.

2)A UPS conditions incoming utility power so your equipment get clean, stable power.

Online UPS delivers the best combination of rectifier, filter, charger, inverter and intelligent power solution. UPS have the function to regulate the utility.A single phase/three phase UPS system conditions the power by passing it through a rectifier, which converts AC current to DC current, which UPS batteries require.

For UPS battery, it provides a stable voltage. When utility power fails, UPS battery voltage remains steady and use inverter to convert DC power back to AC power and creat a stable current for your sensitive equipment.

Modular UPS is taking the place standalone UPS with its high reliability ,high availability and high investment efficiency. It support by online maintenance and expansion at any time. Any questions about UPS and solutions, please contact Sicon team. (enquiry@scupower.com)

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