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Can I use a uninterruptible power supply and a generator together?
  • 2019-06-18 17:51:09
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Yes. Similar to a uninterruptible power supply, a generator provides backup power. However, when utility power fails a UPS system detects the condition and switches to battery backup to keep supplying power to the protected loads. Meanwhile, the auxiliary generator starts up within 10-15 seconds; time may vary by generator type. However, a generator does not actively condition or regulate voltage the way a UPS does. The use of a UPS provides the seamless transfer to battery power and the generator provides the long-term backup power.

In addition, a generator might not regulate the output voltage properly when powering a lightly loaded single phase UPS/three phase UPS. Is your UPS carrying loads at 80-90% load of its power rating or closer  to 15-20% of its rating? Some generators are designed with intelligent input filters to mitigate this effect, but this still must be taken into consideration.

For UPS models with power ratings below 150 kVA, you want to oversize your generator by as much as 200% because very small generators don’t often provide enough kinetic energy to provide a smooth transition. You can't size a generator in a 1:1 match to the UPS system and expect efficient results. As a general rule of thumb, auxiliary generators will be sized at 1.5 times the size of the output rating of the UPS in kW, but it should be somewhat higher for gasoline or gas powered generators.

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