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How can I distinguish the UPS(uninterruptible power system) with good quality ?
  • 2019-06-18 17:01:30
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Testing.it is the best solution for you to tell a“good”quality from some “poor”quality UPS.

You may attention some factors as following:

1.Does the uninterruptible power system have a manual bypass switch? If the UPS is broken or is being serviced, can you pass power through it to your equipment? The last thing you want is for a broken UPS to be the cause of extra downtime.

2.Sinusoidal power output. In general, the closer the AC output of the UPS is to a sine wave, the better it is for your equipment. Sicon online UPS, 3-level sine wave modulation technology, features great efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

3.The more information about a UPS(uninterruptible power system)  you can get from watching the unit itself, the better. Such as power, capacity, battery life,etc.

4.You must get support/maintenance contracts from your UPS supplier.That’s very important.Professional UPS manufacture/supplier can offer your overall UPS solution and after-sales service, which ensures your UPS good quality.

There are many critical computers and other equipment in modern data center and server room, which has very strict requirement on power supply system.Easy maintenance, easy expansion, fault tolerance, cost-effective, and energy saving are all online UPS users’ concern. Choose a professional UPS manufacturer/supplier is of great importance. Sicon, 14-year-experience in Modular UPS field, your best choice!

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