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How long can equipment on a uninterruptible power supply keep running and what does a UPS do after the power goes?
  • 2019-06-18 16:59:11
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At first ask yourself two questions:

1. What’s your UPS system capacity and What kind of equipment your UPS protects?

For most typical computer workstations, one might have a UPS that was rated to keep the machine alive through a 15 minute power loss. Or usually 15 minutes to 2 hours. If it is important for a machine to survive hours without power, one should probably look at a more robust power backup solution that includes a generator and other components. Even if a UPS powers a very small load, it must still operate its DC (battery) to AC converter (the inverter), which costs power.Typically, you should plan on enough run time to allow you to save any open files and safely shutdown the system.

2. What exactly does a UPS do?

Single phase UPS Three phase UPS traditionally can perform the following functions:

Continue to provide power to equipment during line sags.

Smooth out noisy power sources.

Absorb relatively small power surges.

Provide power for some time after a blackout has occurred.

Provide alarms on certain error conditions.

Provide short circuit protection

Monitoring and logging of the status of the power supply.

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