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How often should you replace UPS batteries?
  • 2019-06-18 16:50:58
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When you buy a single phase UPS/three phase UPS,you should consider batter replacement. Replacing the batteries will allow the uninterruptible power system to remain in service, causing little or no disruption to its operation. Replacing the entire UPS system is usually more disruptive and expensive, but it will provide fresh batteries, fresh components and a new warranty. Replacing the UPS may also upgrade the UPS with higher efficiency, new features and capabilities that may not have been available when the original UPS system was purchased. Consider both options, weigh the value of new features versus the increased cost and disruption of UPS replacement and make your decision from there.

UPS batteries generally last about 3 - 5 years, so planning to change them around the 3 year mark is smart.  If you find that the batteries are swollen however, make sure to get your units serviced instead of just changing the battery. An improperly disposed battery can cause severe contamination seeping into waterways and farming lands. By safely and properly recycling your uninterruptible power supply & Battery Back-up battery you can protect the surrounding ecosystem.

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