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Why you should get uninterruptible power system maintenance?
  • 2019-06-18 17:39:14
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As we all know,for your uninterruptible power system, regular maintenance and occasional parts replacements can ensure your UPS running smoothly and get normal reliability.Why?

1.Regular UPS maintenance can help avoid a unexpected loss.

There will be some unexpected power quality issues, no matter your UPS or other equipment around the facility. Usually we’ll look at the UPS system with an experienced eye during every UPS maintenance check, and this help us to find out some failing UPS parts to avoid future loss.

2.Regular UPS Maintenance can prevent battery failures.

Even if your battery manufacturer says your battery has an expected lifespan of four to five years, it’s still important to regularly schedule maintenance checks. UPS Battery failure is the leading cause of UPS failure.

Sicon team recommend you two UPS battery maintenance and check twice a year.This kind of maintenance includes battery voltage testing, thermal image scans and visual inspection, etc. After maintenance we can know how long your battery has left and when should to replace it.

In conclusion,regular UPS maintenance is critical to your uninterruptible power supply. And remember you’d better to contact professional after-sales UPS supplier, as a trained technical team will investigate and test the internal components more accurately.

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