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Data Center cooling solutions
  • 2019-06-18 16:49:36
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As energy prices have soared and servers have gotten denser and hotter, data center and uninterruptible power system cooling has become a critical issue over the past years. Many person discussed a variety of ways how can save on cooling costs. Correctly managing power and cooling issues can enable an IT organization to improve reliability in mission-critical environments, increase data center efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

To help save the users data center cooling cost,Sicon offers following data center cooling solutions that can result in energy savings.

1.It’s time to get rid of that old server.Data Center

It is necessary to get rid of your old server. Due to evolving business needs, mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions and geographical expansion, it’s an all-encompassing process for overall data center modernization.This means working with good technologies that can help you make good profit.

2.High Density, High Efficiency

Servers are cooled independently from ambient air within the data center so cooling can be adapted to the needs of individual servers or enclosures in a modular data center.

This type of cooling is best suited for small to medium sized data centers with dense loads. As well as high density POD rows in larger data centers requiring high density cooling. High density closed-loop provides an in row cooling approach to the server rack heat by integrating within a row of data center racks, therefore providing the most efficient cooling of your IT equipment.

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